Minimum Wage vs. Living Wage

Minimum Wage vs. Living Wage

At the rate that kids grow, it’s tempting to be lured into fast fashion prices offered by large department stores. At every step in the manufacturing process, there are serious production costs. However, with the textile industry responsible for millions of people, the minimum wage is often paid instead of the living wage in an attempt to keep retail prices as low as possible.

What’s the difference between minimum and living wage?

The minimum wage is the minimum wage set by the government of each country that an employer may legally pay their workers. The living wage is the amount of money considered sufficient to cover basic costs of living. Sadly, the minimum wage is standard in most countries and in many instances, it is impossible to live on, covering only 30% of living expenses.

A living wage is a fundamental human right, but still far from reality.

We are so proud to work with Mini Rodini, a pioneer in ethical fashion, who in addition to using sustainable fabrics, have been working on a Living Wage project since 2014.

In 2017, Mini Rodini successfully implemented living wages at one factory in India and three factories in Turkey. Their goal is to implement a system of living wages at all their sewing units by 2021. A huge goal, but an important one and one that needs our support.

Next time you’re shopping, consider not only how your clothes were made, but who made them. We can all make a change and this is just the beginning.

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10th Oct 2017 Dominique Perri

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