About Us

Hola! Welcome to YOKO – the ultimate online fashion destination for little trendsetters.

YOKO was originally born as ‘Baby Dino’ back in 2012, when peplum skirts were everywhere and Beyonce rocked a blonde bob.

YOKO stands for ‘You Only Kid Once’, which is kind of ironic since it’s our second name – but there’s a story behind the name, and it’s one we’re super proud of.

So how did little Baby Dino grow up to be big kid YOKO?

Like all proud parents, when Baby Dino was born, we never expected things to grow so big, so fast.

We started out small but, within a few short years, Baby Dino’s street cred had grown to epic proportions. With thousands of repeat customers, including a steady stream of celebrity shoppers, Baby Dino wasn’t such a baby anymore.

Baby Dino had grown up to be a full-blown fashion ‘It Kid’ – and like, all serious style icons, needed a new name to suit (we’re looking at you Blue Ivy and little Saint West!)


In 2017, Baby Dino got a makeover and was reinvented as YOKO. Some call it a rebrand – we call it a reinvention. We’re kind of like the Madonna of kids’ clothes.


If you were a fan of Baby Dino (and who wasn’t, really?), prepare to fall hard and fast for YOKO.


We’re the same online store you know and love, only better.


We offer the same exceptional customer service, from the team you’ve come to know and trust, and the same super-fast shipping – because we know you want it yesterday.