Social Responsibility

What steps is YOKO taking to improve our impact on the environment?

YOKO is committed to reducing our energy, paper and water use, and implementing environmentally responsible solutions throughout all day-to-day operations. This includes low energy LED lighting in our offices and paperless systems where available. Order confirmations are emailed to customers upon check out and not printed with each order.

How does YOKO support communities?
Each year, YOKO donates $15,000 worth of product to local and international charities and families in need. To learn more about partnering with us, email [email protected]. Unfortunately we can’t accommodate all requests due to the volume of applications we receive.

How is YOKO working with suppliers to promote responsible sourcing?
YOKO is committed to supporting products that are sourced and manufactured in a legal, ethical and responsible way – that’s why we aim to partner with brands who share these values.

I dig denim clothes are primarily produced in carefully selected factories in China, with those committed to rigorous standards regarding working conditions and ethical responsibilities. The producers ensure that the production lives up to high requirements and audit that it takes place under good working conditions.

Their suppliers and producers are members of BSCI – Business Social Compliance Initiative – hence; they have the possibility to affect suppliers and factories in a positive direction. All members of BSCI follow the same code of conduct. I dig denim's suppliers also follow REACH, the European Union regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals.

As the main part of their production is for children, I dig denim is committed to a supportive work environment and take a clear stand against all use of child labour. I dig denim also support Childhood Foundation with an annual contribution, as well as donating residual stock to selected charities.

Every two minutes, one woman dies of complications related to pregnancy or childbirth. 99% of these deaths occur in developing countries. Mama Maya was started to make a difference - a quality product with a genuine purpose, to generate awareness of maternal health worldwide, and to make a contribution to ensure more women can give birth safely. For every Mama Maya Baby Blanket purchased, funding is provided for at least one clean birthing kit and caregiver training to ensure that at least one other mama worldwide will be able to access a cleaner and safer birth.

Known for being pioneers in sustainable fabrics, what makes Mini Rodini really stand out from the crowd is that they extend their promise for social responsibility into all aspects of their business. All the price tags on Mini Rodini kids clothes are made from recycled paper or paper coming from unthreatened forestry.

Another example of their minimized impact on the environment is in the plastic bags that they wrap around each garment to protect them during transportation to retailers and customers. We all know plastic waste causes great damage on our oceans, land and living creatures all over the world, so Mini Rodini has taken a new step which came into effect with their MOSQUITO collection to use biodegradable plastic bags instead of regular bags.

What’s the difference? Mini Rodini’s new biodegradable plastic bags start their degration as soon as they touch the air, taking only 5 years to completely disappear (compared to a regular plastic bag which takes 100 years!)

Popupshop is transparent with customers about their production process and proudly manufacture all products with the purpose of minimizing environmental impact through all stages of production. Their cotton grows organically, without any pesticides or chemicals, in Turkey, where the weather and climate conditions are perfect for cotton field agriculture. Popupshop's products are sustainably certified by The Peterson Control Union Group who have the knowledge and experience within the global textile market, to make sure everything from raw material / harvesting / processing / manufacturing & the use of dyes is made in a sustainable way.

Through their close collaboration, presence and ties with the factory in Turkey, Popupshop personally ensures that the best working conditions are provided for staff. The GOTS certificate also covers this part of the production as well as fair trade circumstances.

With every Sapling Child purchase, customers help support an orphanage in India, providing essential items and infrastructure for children aged 0-16 years. Purchasing Sapling Child’s fair trade, organic cotton baby clothes also supports organic farming practices, provides local employment, and supports fair trade work conditions in India. 

Timberland always strives to put their environmental values into action by putting plastic into footwear, not landfills. Over the past five years, 185 million PET bottles were recycled and given a new life as components in their footwear. PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, is a material used in plastic products like water bottles. As a non-biodegradable substance, when thrown away, it will sit in a landfill for thousands of years. However, when its shredded, compressed into bales and recycled, it can be made into new products. By recycling PET, Timberland decreases our impact on the environment, lowering our energy consumption and cutting harmful emissions. When purchasing a product made from recycled PET, Timberland consumers know they're making a difference to their environmental footprint. A revolution in sole technology, Timberland also combines their eco-conscious recycled rubber material with the superior traction qualities of their terrain-tested Gripstick compound. The result is a high-performance and earth-minded sole material.

In November 2015, Wilson & Frenchy generously donated several boxes of samples and seconds to orphanages in Thailand via Serving Orphans Worldwide. Owner and Creative Director Liana expressed via social media “My heart swelled (I might have gotten a bit teary) because every child deserves to be loved and cared for. I urge any other baby brands out there to do the same if they ever get the chance – so rewarding to know they’re going to a good home”.